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    • Why do I need a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured plumber?

      The simplest answer to this question is that licensing, bonding and insuring protects you, the consumer. To legally operate as a plumber in the counties we work in we must be licensed, bonded, and insured. Licensing insures that we have the knowledge and experience to properly plumb your project to code. Being bonded insures that your project will be completed. Insurance protects you against any cataclysmic mistakes or accidents that happen to people or property in the course of performing plumbing work. We carry both liability and workmen's compensation insurance for these reasons.

    • Why do I need a Permit?

      A permit insures that the plumbing work you are paying for will be inspected by an objective 3rd party. The inspection process helps to assure the customer is actually receiving what they are paying for and that all work is performed to code. Additionally, if/when you sell your home you can rest assured the work you had done will pass the home inspection process.

    • What is the plumbing Code?

      The plumbing code is a set of rules, regulations, guidelines, and practices that govern the installation and repair of plumbing systems. These codes were created, revised, and amended many times through the years to protect the health of the public. Unlike other states, Missouri leaves the choice of code up to local counties. There are two national codes (The IPC and UPC) that are used locally, but normally the UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) is used with amendments from the local county.

    • Does your company offer a Warranty?

      Innovated Plumbing proudly offers a one year warranty on all labor and materials we provide.

    • What kinds of Payment do you accept?

      We happily accept payment by cash, check, MasterCard or Visa.

    • What should I do to Prepare for the plumber?

      If possible, the work area should be free from any fragile furniture or personal property. Remove all cleaning products from under your kitchen sink area and in the bath area please remove rugs, cleaning products and toiletries from the work area. For outside and basement repairs clear access is most important. A small amount of preparation will ensure a pleasant plumbing experience.

    • How do I schedule a new install or service call with innovated plumbing and sewer services?

      Contact IPS at (314) 226-8400 or (314) 226-8400


    • My smoke detector keeps chirping. What does this mean?

      This could mean one of two things.
      1. An intermittent chirp is probably an indication of a defective smoke detector.
      2. A consistent chirp is probably an indication of a low battery condition and the smoke detector requires a new battery.

    • Why do the bulbs in my exterior fixture burn out so often?

      This is usually caused by several factors.
      1. Use of non-brand named bulbs.
      2. Larger wattage bulbs, which cause excessive heat build-up shorting the life of the bulb.
      3. Power Surges.

    • I have two telephone lines in my home. Why when I'm on the phone and the other phone line is in use, do I hear the other conversation in the background?

      This is commonly called Bleed over and usually results from one of three conditions.
      1. Excessively long runs of wire within the home of non-twisted pairs.
      2. Loop wiring from phone station to phone station.
      3. A nick in the phone wire somewhere within your residence causing a weak interconnect between phone lines.
      Phone wiring installation today should be done as a home run system, each phone station being a dedicated run back to a common terminal block.Please remember if you have a problem with your phone wiring within your home, today it is the responsibility of the electrician rather than the phone company as in the past.

    • If I have problems with TV or telephone wiring within the house, whom should I call?

      With deregulation of the utility companies in most areas of the country, the cable or telephone companies are no longer responsible for the equipment or wiring in your home. This responsibility has fallen to you and your electrical contractor. Therefore, when a problem arises, we recommend you us. Most TV and telephone utilities will still service within your home for a substantial fee. This service, as in the past, is no longer free. Why does my recess can light cycle on and off since I put a larger wattage bulb in? Modern Recess Cans are rated for a maximum wattage bulb and are equipped with a thermal device that does not allow a bulb larger than that rating. If a larger wattage bulb is used, as the excess heat builds up, the thermal device will shut the can off until it cools. This is a safety device to protect your home against fire.

    • I have a 110 Volt Outlet on the Exterior of My Home. Can I Plug my Christmas Lights into It?

      Yes. Within reason, if the quantity of lights creates a load greater than the capacity of the circuit breaker, the breaker will trip off. In this event, additional circuits may be required to accommodate your holiday display.

    • If I have surge/lightning protection on my main service should I use point-of-use surge plugins at my TV, stereo, computer, etc.?

      Yes. Main line surge is no absolute guarantee and any additional surge protection down stream in the system offers a greater level of protection; though, nothing is absolute when it comes to the power of Mother Nature.

    • I have surge/lightning protection on my home. Am I totally safe from lightning strikes?

      No. Surge/Lightning Protection only offers additional levels of protection. Nothing can guarantee completely against Mother Nature and where she chooses to strike.

    • When my air conditioner cycles on, I notice my lights blink. Is this normal?

      Yes. This is a common occurrence when large motor/compressor loads start. These devices cause a minor momentary voltage drop, demonstrating itself as the blinking in your lights. This has no negative effect on the electrical equipment within your house.

    • Can I plug any 110-volt device I wish into my regular 110-volt outlets throughout my house?

      Yes. Though, if the device exceeds the capacity of the circuit, the breaker will trip off.

    • Can I plug my coffee pot and toaster oven into the same kitchen counter outlet?

      Yes. Though, if the two loads exceed 20amps, your breaker will sense overload, do its job, and trip off. Under this condition, you must plug one of the appliances into a different kitchen outlet on a different circuit, in order to balance the load.

    • I have a new home. Why does my refrigerator or freezer, located in my garage, keep going off?

      Unless you made provisions with the builder for a dedicated circuit, the outlets in your garage are GFCI Protected per National Electrical Code. This device will not tolerate the additional resistance load created by refrigeration equipment. The GFCI senses there is a fault, and therefore trips off. The only cure to this problem is to provide a dedicated, non-GFCI circuit allowable by code.

    • Can I dim fluorescent lights?

      Yes. Dimming fluorescent requires not only a special dimmer, but also special fixtures. You cannot place a typical incandescent dimmer on existing fluorescent.

    • Can I hang a ceiling fan where a light is?

      Yes, but first you must make sure the electrical box is properly braced and rated for the weight and torque of the ceiling fan you are installing.

    • What does it mean when my fluorescent lights are flickering or cycling on and off?

      Flickering may indicate impending bulb failure, minor power fluctuation, and/or improperly installed bulbs. Cycling on and off is usually a clear indication of ballast and/or bulb failure. It is recommended when replacing a ballast to replace bulbs as well.

    • How do I reset my breaker when it has tripped off?

      First, disconnect any additional devices that may have caused the breaker to overload and trip. Breakers are mechanical devices and must be turned all the way off before turning back on. Remember this is a mechanical device, so this may require several attempts. If this fails to reset the breaker, there may be a more serious problem. Call Innovated Electric

    • What should I do if my lights, switches and receptacles don't work?

      Check to see if the outlet is on a switch. Check and reset GFCI outlets and circuit breaker. Check light bulbs and replace if necessary. If none of these are the problem, call Innovated Electric.

    • Why do I blow fuses or why does my circuit breaker trip?

      Except in the case of ground fault interrupters, which are susceptible to moisture and/or weather conditions, fuses and circuit breakers should not trip. Check to see if some type of plugged in appliance is causing the problem.

    • What causes the lights in my house to flicker?

      Central air conditioning and heat pump condensers may cause a noticeable slight dimming on start up. Lights may flicker or dim due to startup of some appliances or motor driven equipment. Check with the local utility company for possible defects in supply source or for the utility switching to other utilities for supply.

    • What is a GFCI device or breaker?

      GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. In layman's terms this device protects you from electrical shock. When it senses the slightest increase in resistance resulting from ground fault, (i.e., the use of electrical devices in or near water), it turns off to protect you.

    • What is the difference between a breaker panel and my old fuse panel?

      Both devices, either breaker or fuse, are designed to trip (turn off) in the event of an electrical overload, i.e. 20Amps of electrical load on a 15Amp circuit would cause a trip. The only difference is that a breaker is mechanical and may be reset. Whereas, a fuse is one time only and must be replaced. Please Note: Modern breakers are much more efficient and offer greater levels of protection.

    • What are the red and black buttons on my GFCI outlet?

      The black button is a test button and when pressed, should deactivate the outlet and any other outlet fed from it - Indicating a properly functioning device. The red button is the re-set button that you depress to reactivate the outlet or outlets in the event of deactivation resulting from a fault.

    • Why Choose Innovated Electric?

      • "No Surprises" Pricing, Superior Customer Service, Friendly, Skilled Technicians, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, One-Year Warranty, • Genuine Respect For Your Property, Thoroughly Clean The Work Area, Family Owned & Operated, Senior Discounts

    • How do I schedule a new install or service call with innovated electrical services?

      Contact IES at (314) 423-4200 or (314) 486-8513


    • How often should I service my current air conditioning & heating system?

      In addition to routine maintenance that you perform, such as cleaning filters, your system should be inspected by a properly trained technician at least once a year. The technician will perform a check of the air filter, blower wheel, housing, motor, indoor and outdoor coils, drain pan, drain lines, electrical wiring, connections, individual components within units, working condition and many more components. We recommend our Planned Service Agreement for all homeowners. Contact Innovated Heating and Cooling Services at (314) 423-4200 or 314-607-8906.

    • Does Innovated Heating and Cooling Services install air conditioning & heating systems in new homes?

      Yes, Innovated Heating and Cooling Services install air conditioning and heating systems in new homes. We work with you and your general contractor to select the best system for your home and then install it during the construction process. We will continue to be available to you for your service needs after your home is completed.

    • Does Innovated Heating and Cooling Services install air conditioning & heating systems in existing homes?

      Yes, Innovated Heating and Cooling Services install air conditioning and heating systems in existing homes. We install York® products. Replacing your old system with a new energy efficient system can save energy dollars in addition to making your home more comfortable for years to come.

    • What brand of equipment do you recommend for my home?

      Innovated Heating and Cooling Services installs new York® brand air conditioning/heating products on all our new installations. York® is trusted in more homes than any other heating and air conditioning brand. From furnaces to central air conditioners; a heat pump to air filters. Read more about the York® line of products. In addition, Innovated Heating and Cooling Services all brands of air conditioning and heating systems. So, if you are in need of a repair, Innovated Heating and Cooling Services can handle the job.

    • What is the warranty on my new air conditioning unit ?

      Your warranty will depend on the brand and type of unit.There are also extended warranties that can be purchased as well for a minimal amount of money that covers up to as much as 10 years. Ask your Watts technician for more details.

    • What is the warranty on repairs made by Innovated Heating and Cooling Services?

      There is a 30-day warranty on our diagnostic fee ($65 during normal hours and $100 for on-call).If we have to come back for the same problem within 30 days, the fee is waived and the customer is only charged for whatever work is done. There is a one-year warranty on all parts and labor of any up-front pricing repair done. Ask your Watts technician for more details.

    • What size should my new air conditioning & heating system be

      Innovated Heating and Cooling Services has certified experts to help you determine the most efficient system for your home or business. We will need to inspect your home to determine the correct size of your system. Home size, layout and environmental conditions will all factor into the decision. Other issues your technician will address are: humidity, thermostat control and energy efficiency. Place a online service request form. to get a free price quote for your system.

    • My current air conditioning & heating system is old and not working efficiently . . . can you service it

      Innovated Heating and Cooling Services services all brands of air conditioning and heating systems. So, if you are in need of a repair, Innovated Heating and Cooling Services can handle the job. Innovated Heating and Cooling Services has over 15 years of experience in handling all brands of equipment.

    • I need an emergency repair on my heating system, can Innovated Heating and Cooling Services handle it on a holiday, evening, or weekend?

      Yes, Innovated Heating and Cooling Services has on-call staff for any air conditioning or heating emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. For emergency service call us at: (314) 423-4200.

    • Are there any health benefits to duct cleaning?

      Air conditioning & heating systems can collect a variety of contaminants that could potentially affect you and your family. Contaminants such as mold, fungi, bacteria, allergens and even dust particles can collect in your system. Removing these contaminants is just one component in an overall plan to improve your indoor air quality.

    • What are the benefits of the Planned Maintenance Agreement?

      Receive 24 hour emergency service, no overtime charges, all flat rate repairs discounted (excluding diagnostic fee), improved efficiency, transferable agreement, energy efficiency evaluation, extend your equipment life, protect against inflation, protect your investment in your home, reduce the likelihood of emergency calls, recommended by the original manufacturer, flexible service options (1 or 2 cleanings per year)

    • How do I schedule a new install or service call with innovated heating and cooling services?

      Contact IHCS at (314) 423-4200 or (314) 607-8906

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