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Management Team

  • Jayant Patel
  • Jigar Patel
  • Randy Green
  • Duane C. Kramer

Jayant Patel, CEO - Innovated Construction Services

  • Jayant Patel started a family business in Retail C Stores, Liquor Stores, Currency Exchange, gas stations, Loans Stores, Tax Consulting Firm, Apartment Complex and Day Care Facility.
  • As general contractor Jayant has built two shopping centers and remodeled 51 unit apartment complexes. Jayant has successfully operated these companies since 1991 to present
  • He has bought and sold businesses and establishing new opportunity for growth in the business world
  • He has superior skill in money management of a business. Jayant has joint venture with Jigar Patel, Randy Green, Reggie Taylor, Chris Blase and Duane Kramer to start Innovated Group of Companies.
  • Jayant is a proven business man and his Entrepreneurship can lead the development team to success and prosperity.

Jigar Patel, Innovated Construction Services

  • Jigar Patel is our Risk Management and Property development Officer.
  • Jigar has been managing the family business since 1988 to present day.
  • He has successfully developed and operated C stores, Liquor stores, Pay Day Loan store, Check cashing stores, Dunkin Donuts, apartments and Day Care Center.
  • Jigar has joint venture with Jayant Patel, Randy Green, Reggie Taylor, Chris Blase and Duane Kramer to start Innovated Group of Companies.
  • He is an expert in risk management. He will expand Innovated Group of Companies in retail shopping centers, apartments and retail stores.
  • Jigar is currently working on several projects of interest for our group of investors.
  • Jigar is leading our group of companies to a new concepts and business opportunities.

Randy Green, Innovated Construction Services

  • Randy Green is our Project Developer and Project Manager.
  • Randy Green is an expert in new Project Development and Construction Management
  • His Father Richard Green founded R Green and Sons Cement Contractors in 1965. Randy trained with his father's company from the age of 8. He spent half of his summer vacation from school working in field with his father until he turned 18.
  • After the age of twenty he started full time and took a company that only specialized in concrete flat work to constructing concrete foundation and increase the revenues of the company by 50%.
  • In 1996 Randy left his family business and started his own business building custom homes, room additions, basement remolding and commercial interior finishes.
  • In 1999 he has build commercial project such as uncle Bob's storage facility, Zoin Missionary Baptist Church, Site Contractor for Ralston Purina Co., and Contract for the office building known as Ralls County Electric co.
  • During 2002 to 2006 Randy owned and Developed 4 projects of his own in which consisted of one thirteen custom homes subdivision, 22 unit Villa Project, 25 home subdivision and 13 home subdivision where homes started at $ 900,000.00.
  • Randy has joint venture with Jayant Patel, Jigar Patel, Reggie Taylor, Chris Blase and Duane Kramer to start Innovated Group of Companies.
  • Randy with his experience and knowledge of the construction and development business will assure project will finish on budget and complete on time.
  • Randy can lead our group of companies to new height of success.

Duane C. Kramer, Innovated Heating and Cooling Services

  • Duane Kramer is a Project Manager for Heating and Cooling Services.
  • Duane Kramer is our Heating and Cooling /HVAC Specialist who is highly trained and recommended by many past and present customers. His career started at the age of 19.
  • He was trained under the skills of the educated owner (Gus Anton) who taught him the trade and value of customer service and professional workmanship.
  • He has been in the heating and cooling industry for 32 yrs doing both residential and commercial services and installations which he takes pride in both service and installing hvac systems and fabrication of his sheet metal craftsmanship.
  • Over the 32 years in the industry he has worked for 3 companies before deciding to open his own heating and cooling company to service the St. Louis Area.
  • • Duane Kramer will excel our heating and cooling service company to new heights in the industry and will provide excellent customer service at his best.
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